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Board of Directors


Members may begin filing for the 2018 board of director elections beginning on June 21. The petition period closes at 5 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 3. The election will take place on Sept. 19 at the annual meeting.

Members interested in becoming candidates should review the cooperative's Bylaws, especially Article IV "Directors" for more information about the duties and responsibilities of the position. Potential candidates should review Article IV Section 4 about the qualifications for director candidates. District representation is based on the permanent residence of the candidate. Contact the co-op for help determining your district, or view the district map.

Candidate packets may be requested through the co-op office or can be found here:

Please print forms - text typed on the forms may not be able to be saved

Director Candidacy Overview
Nominating Petition Form
Candidate Bio Form
1.01 Directors Roles and Responsibilities
1.02 Director Standards of Conduct
1.04 Conflict of Interest
4.08 Conduct of Elections


About the Board

Crawford Electric Cooperative is guided by a nine-member board of directors composed of co-op members. The board meets monthly to set policy and develop long-range goals, always safe-guarding the interests of co-op members. Board members are expected to become knowledgeable about the electric cooperative industry. Attendance at committee meetings or other events to benefit the cooperative may be required.

Three three-year terms on the board need to be filled at each year's annual meeting. This is typically held in September.

All candidates for the board must be nominated by petitions signed by at least 15 co-op members. The candidate petitions must be delivered to the co-op office during the petition period, as defined by the cooperative's bylaws and announced in the member newsletter in advance of each annual meeting.


A nine-member board of directors oversees Crawford Electric's operations. Members of the cooperative elect the directors to three-year terms. One director from each of the co-op's three geographical districts is elected each year at the annual meeting.

The current board of directors is as follows:


*Justin "Bink" Blankenship
(District 1)

Kenneth M. Crowder
(District 1)

Janice Dorson
(District 1)

*Doug Murphy
(District 2)

Eldon Harris
Vice President
(District 2)
Debbie Willette
(District 2)

*Jim Cottrell
(District 3)

Gary Mullen
(District 3)
Joe Cason

(District 3)


* Denotes three-year term up for election in September 2018.



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