Co-ops are owned by the people we serve. This subtle fact impacts everything that happens at the cooperative.
People – the members we serve – always come before profits, and our employees are serious about the responsibility that we have to provide power to our communities. The work that we do not only makes life more comfortable and convenient, but we also make the hospitals operate, the factories run and the cell phones, computers and other technology that we rely on each day function.
Our employees power everyday life for our region. It is a serious – and sometimes hazardous – job that is incredibly rewarding and full of opportunity.

Co-op careers can take many forms, from line workers to engineers and IT professionals to accountants.

Design new power lines and monitor existing lines and equipment. Typically requires an engineering degree.

Operations and Construction
Build and repair power lines and other equipment. Requires completion of a lineman apprenticeship program.

Member Service
Respond to member needs, inquiries and concerns and help members use energy more wisely. Typically requires a two-year degree in accounting or business.

Marketing and Communications
Assist the co-op build and manage its reputation in the community through educating members and other public officials and overseeing programs and events. Typically requires a four-year degree and relevant experience.

Accounting and Finance
Perform the accounting, financial and material management functions for the cooperative. Typically requires a four-year degree in accounting or business.

Information Technology
Coordinate and maintain the computer systems and technology required to keep the modern power grid functioning. Typically requires a four-year degree in IT or computer science.

Human Resources
Oversee the safety, education and compliance functions of the co-op while maximizing employee abilities and ensuring safe working conditions and employee morale. 





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