Levelized Billing

Levelized Billing

Roller coasters are for amusement parks, but not your electric bill!


The ups and downs of your monthly electric bill generally follows the seasonal highs and lows of our summer and winter temperatures. But an unexpectedly high bill can make it tough to manage a household budget

Levelized billing can help. This specialized program will clip the peaks and fill in the valleys for you, ensuring you have a predictable electricity bill each month.

To arrive at your personalized levelized amount, the program adds your current month’s use to your previous 11 months, then divides the total by 12. Your levelized average amount is adjusted slightly each month to reflect your actual kilowatt-hour (kwh) use.

You won’t need to worry about having to “settle up” at year’s end because the program keeps recalculating your levelized bill amount going forward. Reconciliation of your account will be necessary only if you move or stop participating in the program.

The ideal time to enroll is during the spring or fall, when electric bills are typically their lowest. This gives you time to build up a credit to offset your high-bill months.

For the best outcome in this program, you will need to pay the exact amount shown on your bill by the due date. Monitoring your kwh consumption each month also will help you spot high use that could signal a problem.

Residential members with at least 12 continuous months of electricity service and acceptable credit history with Crawford Electric are eligible for this program. Payment on your account must be current (no balance due) before beginning levelized billing.

Talk with a member service representative to get started: 800-677-2667

Example of levelized billing