Right-Of-Way Management

Right-Of-Way Management

Right-of-Way Work 
Crawford Electric Cooperative maintains power line rights-of-way to keep trees and brush from interfering with the safety and reliability of your electric service. A clear power line right-of-way reduces power outages and improves safety for everyone. That’s why we have a comprehensive program to maintain clearance by managing vegetation that could interfere with the lines. We use an Integrated Vegetation Management approach, which involves mechanical clearing and the use of selective herbicides. 

Our right-of-way program is directed by a certified forester, who also has certification from the International Society of Aboriculture as an arborist and utility specialist. The program uses an integrated vegetation management approach, which ensures that we use the most cost-effective, environmentally appropriate practices to achieve the necessary clearance for our power lines and utility crews.  Our practices and procedures are endorsed by the National Arbor Day Foundation with its Tree Line USA designation.

If you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact Crawford Electric's right-of-way department at 800-677-2667, ext. 130.

Basic Steps

Our crews use several methods to keep trees and brush under control, including brush hogging and trimming along the edge of the ROW. In some cases, an environmentally safe herbicide may be used to selectively eliminate the woody plants and leave the grasses and wildflowers that are valuable to wildlife. Sometimes, removal of problem trees within the utility easement is the only solution. We also proactively remove “hazard trees” – those that are dead or dying and could damage the power lines.


We contract with Asplundh Tree Expert Co to maintain a clear right-of-way (15 feet on both sides of the center-most power line). This will include, but is not limited to:

  • Clearing all trees that are or have the potential to grow more than 10 feet tall.
  • Identify and remove all power line hazard trees


Selective Herbicides

To maintain the power line of rights-of-way and keep brush from interfering with the safety and reliability of your electric service, we may schedule treatment with a low-volume application of foliar herbicides. Crews target specific species and apply herbicide with hand wands. The products used are registered through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and pose no threat to humans, pets, wildlife or livestock. All treatments will be completed according to label requirements and all applicable state and federal regulations. Application will be handled by specialized crews trained in applying herbicides.


Tree Planting Guide
The right tree in the right place and mature size must be considered before planting trees around your property. Saplings will grow according to species tendencies, many quickly outgrowing their location. Trees that will grow taller than 25 feet must be planted outside the 30-foot-wide utility right-of-way. Check with the co-op or your nursery for additional species recommendations. Always verify underground utilities before doing any digging. Call before you dig.


Tree planting guide. Don't plant too close to power lines.